Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dream Diary 101713: Light Grey Rectangle

I am amongst a group of young potheads.  I play wrestle with their "leader".  He has a girlfriend, but the energy between the two of us is very sexual.  One of the others motion him away and they step away from me to talk amongst themselves.

They confront me.  The people? everyone? the group?  think I am trying to trap them? trick them? as in turn them into the police.  I feel a strong concern for the safety of their leader.  I tell them I am not there for anything like that.  I am lonely?  just want to be friends?  I am sincere.  They relent and welcome me.

There is a younger male member of the group who lays his head in my lap and looks up at me.  We are talking as we relax and our faces get closer together.  Our kiss is as much a kiss as it is a shotgun.  I breathe in the smoke from him.  In my visual frame, the smoke is a long skinny light grey rectangle.

I wake.

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