Wednesday, June 13, 2012

From the Sketchbook Archives: Melting Ego

This sketch was done during a period where my sense of self was under attack from a variety of sources.  It was very difficult to hold my mental cohesion and keep my life afloat.  The space I was living in at the time was very small and I was working at a very stressful retain job.  I couldn't hold it all in.

This was to be painted as a larger piece.  My vision for the piece was in the same style as The Way Secrets Burn, somewhere between a face and a volcano.  This one may yet be painted.  I posted the second black and white image to give a clearer view of the values in the piece. Though I am fond of the softness of the blue image, I felt like the blue obscured the value relationships.

Recommended Listening:
Idolum (FULL)
from Idolum

{Ballpoint pen}

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