Friday, June 15, 2012

Reabsorbtion of the Ego

Here is the Ego being absorbed back into its source.  The Ego, such a tiny mask for the much larger force of Consciousness.  This piece for me revolves around the movement of and the power of Neptune in Pisces.  Which,by the way, Neptune just went retrograde on the 4th of June.

In Astrology, Neptune is the planet of Fogging, drug use and abuse, and illusion, the ultimate boundary blur-er has moved into its home sign of Pisces for 13 years.  For me it seems to be activating the fish half of my Capricorn nature.  I have been ten times as creative since it touched Pisces in February 2011 then moved into Pisces early 2012.  The downside is that my focus has eroded.  Neptune, mother of all melting pots.  So now we all it or not.

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{Digital Images manipulated in Adobe Photoshop}

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