Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dream Diart 091614: The Shark, the Horder, and the Hotel

I am in a medium sized yacht.  It is day.  The yacht is anchored crossways so that it blocks the entrance of the large and deep lagoon we are floating in.    There is a reason that we are blocking the lagoon entrance, but I do not know what it is.  The other people on the boat are the cast of the first season of the Walking Dead, specifically Rick and Lori.  We are all pulling a set of ropes and tubes out of the water.  The ropes are connected to something deep underwater.  Daryl Hannah is also present and is pulling the ropes at the boats edge.  There is a giant shark in the lagoon.  It looks very fake when I see it, but the fear it generates in me feels very real.  It attacks the boat because of the motion of pulling the ropes in.  Darryl Hannah is taken.

Now we are on the interior shore.  I can see the boat at the entrance to the lagoon.  Everyone except Rick has come to shore.  There is a old American west style fort a few hundred yards inland from the shore.  The people in the fort are "at war" with the people in the boat.  I know that Shane from the Walking Dead is in the Fort.  Those that make it to shore ask for mercy and fall asleep at the door.

It is at this point that I realize that I am neither myself in this dream nor one of the characters from the boat.  I turn away from the sleeping people and speak with a man who has just docked his small wooden dinghy.  I tell him that the people at the door are peaceful and looking for mercy.  He is rough looking and carries a shot gun.  Back on the boat the Shark attacks again, damaging the backside of the yacht.

Now I am in the house of a horder helping someone my sister? clean.  Most of the larger piles and furniture have been removed. We are now rearranging the remaining furniture into a livable structure and cleaning up leftover debris.  I am working with a small bookshelf.  I just started helping and someone else had put the bookshelf in place without cleaning the debris away first.  I am frustrated as I try to get at the debris without knocking the bookshelf over.  Books keep tilting and falling.

In the debris I find a small toy black cat head.  It inspires me.  I run out of the building.  It is night outside.  I am running down a hill on a trail towards my house.  I am looking for my cat.  She is black with green eyes like the toy.  She and another black cat have a reunion.  They are twins separated at birth.  They play in the tall grass.  In my house I am watching TV with someone.   It is the only light.  A voice asks if I am going to return to help clean up the horder's mess.

Now I am in a hotel.  There is a young african american woman who works in the hotel.  She is talking about the hotel and smiling a lot.  There are many people in this space.  It is time for breakfast?  I feel an overwhelming urge to be outside and head out the door.  There is a water fountain outside.  The top of the fountain is covered in strange soft edged hexagonal rocks.  I climb to the top of the fountain.  I want one of the rocks but for some reason I cannot seem to take one.

In a recessed area near the entrance there are four people.  Two dressed as superheroes and two dressed as super villains.  One of the heroes lifts her mask slightly and smiles at me.  It is an old friend.  They all climb into an older SUV together.  They are escaping?  going to lunch?  I gesture towards the car and with my magnetism powers, I dismantle the vehicle.  The people inside receive a bit of an electric shock.  A voice says to be careful not to harm them.  I set them aside and reconstruct the vehicle without any electricity.  It is now shiny and silvery but it is only the shape of the SUV and does not function.  It is sculpture.

I wake.

I have exhibited an array of super powers within my dreams over the years, but with this dream the magnetism power is new.

Also, the disembodied voice within the dream has appeared before.  It often manifests as someone speaking over my shoulder in a quiet clear voice or as a voice in my head.  In this dream specifically it seems to have taken on the role of moral conscience, but often it merely presents information other than the main thrust of the dream.  Often it will show up at the end of a dream with a specific set of information.

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