Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dream Diary 091414: Theatre Elevator

I'm in a crowded theatre looking for a seat.  I just came in the second story doors.  The performance has not yet begun.  There is a blonde man, a teacher with his class.  He and his class are already sitting in large area near the doors.  I am thinking of sitting in a seat near them.  The blonde teacher is flamboyant and talkative and I find him somewhat attractive.  His students are ambiguous dream people with nearly no identity.  As he continues to talk I realize that he is generally shallow and is talking about only superficial things.  He and the surrounding area all seem to be bathed in a bright yellow glow or spotlight.

I step away to go to the bathroom before the performance.  I bump into a friend.  The friend is nearly as nondescript as the students, but I recognize the person as a friend.  They have their two children with them, a young boy and a young girl.  Twins?  They are sitting several rows over and I decide to go sit with them, but first I need to go to the bathroom.

I exit the the seating area into the atrium and move to the left where the elevator is.  This area seems much darker than the rest of the dream so far.  I push the button and the elevator comes.  Inside it looks like the interior of an ambulance, but it is also a bathroom.  On the opposite wall I entered there is a panel of buttons.  I get the impression that the elevator opens on both sides and that the theatre is connected to a hospital.

The elevator returns to my floor and I get out.  My friend's children are there and before I can do anything they slip inside the elevator and the door closes surprisingly fast.  I freak out a little, but then I remember that they the elevator will come back.  I look down on the floor and I see that the children have left their pies on the floor by the elevator.  My friend shows up and the elevator returns.  We all move to our seats.

I wake.

Note:  The bathroom theme repeating here is the same as usual, but not as urgent.  However, I did wake with a full bladder.  Also of note is that the presence of a theatre in my dreams is usually an indicator of stress and chaos.  In this dream however, I am in the audience where as in my stressful theatre dreams I am either on stage or in the rafters of the theatre.

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