Monday, September 15, 2014

Dream Diary 091514: A Girl and Her Dragon

I am sitting in a tree house. The interior is rather large and decorated somewhat like a public waiting room. There is a man sitting opposite me in a chair. The windows are large and outside there is a large storm approaching. The clouds fill up much of the sky and are dark. I tell the man that it looks like its going to be a big on. I am excited.

Outside the tree house there is a small town and I am just outside the main street section. The tree house fades and I see the image of a young girl with long dark brown hair. She has several braids. From a distant viewpoint I can see her and her friends. She has a dragon but it looks more like a large bat. It is furry like a bear and more friendly looking than the usual dragon. I think to myself that I have never read Anne Mcaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern.

The young girl stands with her bat dragon and her group of young friends near what, from this distance, looks like an amusement park. There is a fence surrounding a large mountain.  My point of view is just above a bank of clouds.  I understand that the gist of her story is that in order to protect her dragon she must get “home”.   The girl? a relative? owns a substantial acreage of land where her dragon could fly free and unmolested.  In urban areas it will be feared and caged or possibly killed.

Now I am on the ground on a road. The police are looking for the girl. They are calculating which road she might have taken to get across the county. Several nondescript policemen rattle off some road names.  It is overcast and raining.

Now I am at the door of a dark bathroom. My need is great, I force my way in past a janitors cart. I apologize and announce my presence as I enter. The bathroom extends a great distance. There are many stalls. The Janitor is in the far back.  I quickly urinate and flush the toilet. When the toilet flushes, the toilet bowl transforms into a strange and complex medical technology. Floating in the water are the caps of medical syringes. The side of the bowl has measures marked on it like a large beaker.

I wake.

Note: I think my subconscious is reacting to my taking notice of the bathroom theme. The theme has begun to repeat more, although my bladder was full upon waking this time. However, the pattern of the theme has been fairly static for many years. The addition of the medical technology aspect is a new element. I've had several urinary tract issues earlier in the year and this could be a reflection of those issues.

Also, this dream was challenging to recall. I woke and did not immediately rise.  Although it is pleasant to linger in bed in a half conscious state, this has the unfortunate effect of fogging my dream recall.  There are sections of this dream where I am sure there were more moments present, specifically between the tree house and the image of the small town main street.

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