Sunday, January 01, 2012

Ganesha Emerging

Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles, The Lord of Obstacles and The Lord of Beginnings.  It is thus that he finds his way here to my first post of January 2012.  In my personal belief matrix, I associate him with Gevurah, the fifth level of consciousness in the Kabbalah.

I am so glad to finally post this piece.  Ganesha Emerging marked a major change in the direction of my digital art. When I began working on the mirrored pieces it was mostly just a further exploration of my work with Mandalas, but with this piece that all changed.

Usually I manipulate these abstract pieces and find a comfortable composition that emanates a certain level of emotion.  Rarely do I discover an entirely new image within the abstracted elements.  The more I worked on this piece, the more the image of Ganesha emerged.  It was unsettling actually.  I felt as though my abstract elements were collapsing into a preexisting space and wrapping themselves around something that was already there and waiting for me to see it.  Fun stuff.  I had gotten this feeling only once before from this style of piece and looking back, it seems as though there may been a bit of Ganesha there as well.

{Digital Images manipulated in Photoshop}


Vincent said...

Has a very raw meat, naked alien, fleshy, sexual feel to it. Very vivid and striking. I can definitely see how something like this emerging from your work could be more than a little unsettling.

I recently captured an image of my own grimacing face lately that really shook me up. Hopefully, I'll get around to posting some form of it in the not too distance future when I finally work up the courage.

Jesse W. Campbell said...

It is fun and creepy to have a piece feel like it was already in existence and just transmitted into your brain. The hardest part is getting out the way.

Is the grimace image the one you used for your new header? Although I feel for you on the emotion behind it, I do appreciate the power of the image.

The scream I think is undervalued as an emotional outlet. It is often too intense to bear, but after you're done you feel SO MUCH better! In the end I find it very empowering. I guess part of the reason I'm drawn to some European Death Metal.

Vincent said...

Thank you. And yes, my new header is from that grimace image. It's funny, I told you it was a grimace, the file name I gave it is "cringeFace" and while I didn't actually scream while capturing the image it's quite obvious now that it's a raging scream of anger. Not sure if I was trying to hide the true meaning from myself or if making that expression without an actual sound escaping my lips just confused me in a way. I guess I should try ACTUALLY screaming next time!

Jesse W. Campbell said...

I'm sorry for the necessity of the screaming, but it was nice to finally shave a face to go with your name. :-)

Much of my recent artwork came from a single set of photos I took of myself making angry or screaming faces. I never really screamed, but I just got out of the way and let the emotion come out to my face, whatever it was. Some of the pieces ended up far from the essential emotion of those photos, but I believe that the energy in those photos transferred into the pieces.

This piece was one of those created from that set.

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